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The Truthful Creative is one who often...

has doubted … has fought … has flailed … has stumbled … has cried … has failed …

has fallen … perhaps many times, but has always gotten up again,

because ...


deep, deep, deep down ...


The Truthful Creative …

knows their value and knows they are here for a purpose.


The Truthful Creative …

is determined to be of service in the world with their gifts … 

and doesn't stop until they find their creative voice.


Ultimately …


The Truthful Creative is a truthful HUMAN … 


who has finally remembered … Who They Truly Are. 


And once they do, they know theirs is work only they can do. 


The Truth is in you! 

If you'd like to discuss your own Truthful Creative journey, I'd love to hear from you! 



“Hannah is the most inspirational, motivational, and profound teacher I’ve ever had. 
She will help you take your art to the next level, and if you commit to the work she assigns 
as a regular client, you will literally transform your life."

Abby Wolf, Singer / Songwriter, Actor, Painter and Psychotherapist

"Like the North Star, (Hannah) illuminated the way toward tools I didn’t know I already possessed. She showed me places within myself I had been too afraid to explore… 
(She) created a space where I could be my most vulnerable and simultaneously, my bravest, self. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

H. Warren, Actor (now also graduate student studying psychotherapy)

"Hannah prepares you for everything… waiting, how to walk in the room, the exit. 
She even gave me a short meditation to do so I could go in with cool, calm confidence."

Jennifer Scibetta, Award-winning Actor

“Having Hannah cast and coach the actors made all the difference in our memoir production. She brought highly experienced actors onboard and tirelessly worked with them to bring each piece alive. The audience could not stop talking about the quality of the acting. I highly recommend her."

Marni Freedman, Theatrical Producer

and Co-Founder of the San Diego Writers Festival

“As a result of Hannah’s astute observations regarding a lawyer's unconscious bad habits, which she always delivers with humor, compassion, and on-point instruction and modeling of the corrective measures needed, I have seen a shrinking, apologetic attorney find her voice and own the courtroom, as well as a large, full-voiced attorney learn to adjust his presentation for greater impact."

Kevin Butler, Federal Public Defender,

Northern District of Alabama, 30 years

“I highly recommend Ms. Logan for her ability to help lawyers read body language and 
vocal cues, as well as convey the importance of remaining sensitive to human emotion
while making the critical points that need to be made throughout a trial."

Lilys D. McCoy, Director of the Center for Solo Practitioners, San Diego




Rates depend on scope of work.

Contact me to book your free 45-minute consultation / session.





Remember … The Truth is in you!


© 2021 The Truthful Creative

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