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“Working with Hannah was an absolute dream! I can’t thank her enough. I learned a great deal about technical theatre, my acting habits, and finding my confidence. Whenever I need a reminder to be strong and fierce, I recall Hannah’s words, “Show me the Wonder Woman!” She is empowering & supportive, and I am beyond grateful for her guidance, passion and patience. It was lovely to grow in a safe and encouraging environment! She quickly understood my learning style, helped me dig deep into the text, and pushed me just enough. She left me with a box full of tools which I use at many auditions and rehearsals. Since working with her, I am booked for the rest of the year and part of the next!"

Amara Young, Actor

“Hannah is a great teacher! The best I've ever come across."

Mehra Park, Actor

“As an assistant director and acting coach, Hannah helped me to bring a very specific tone and style to my character while still remaining grounded and truthful. She is wonderfully direct and supportive and communicates in a way that is both encouraging and inspiring. I would recommend her to all actors looking to expand their skills, from beginning performers to seasoned professionals."

Morgan Carberry, Actor and Vocal Coach

“Hannah helps me dive further into my character to be fully connected. To this day when I think of "Margie" I can recall the emotional and physical work that I did on that particular audition, because of my time with Hannah.  During those coaching sessions Hannah went above and beyond what I had expected from an acting coach. Not only did she help with the scene work, the text, but she also prepared me for the audition room itself. She covered details that I had not thought of: what to wear, what to do in the waiting area, how to walk into the room and exit, and even gave me a short meditation to recite to myself so I could go in with a cool and calm confidence. I am looking forward to coaching with her on my next big audition."

Jennifer Scibetta, Actor

“Hannah Logan is one of the best coaches I have encountered. Her eye for detail is priceless. Her approach is direct, focused, and professional. She is my go-to acting coach."

James P. Darvas, Actor, Director

“Finding an exceptional actor who is also an exceptional teacher of acting is rare, but Hannah is just that. She has every tool in the actor's tool-box, and she shares them all with perfect timing and perfect clarity. She takes the work seriously but also shares in the joys of her students. As an acting and musical theater student of Hannah's I have become much braver, more vulnerable and much more honest performer."

Leigh Akin, Actor, Singer

“Hannah is an experienced and insightful acting coach. She helped me convey a wide range of emotions, appropriate for each moment of my memoir performance by analyzing every line of dialogue. The result was one of my best performances over the past ten years. I’d definitely recommend hiring her, she will up your game!"

Elise Prosser, Actor, Memoir Writer

“I sought Hannah's services to help me with accent and voice coaching, but what I got was so much more. She helped me perfect the accent, but I left our time together feeling like the character was truly alive and inside me in a way he hadn’t been before. Hannah’s coaching gave me a deeper, more honest and nuanced understanding of my character and how I could best bring him to life on stage. Hannah has profound insight into the craft of acting and performance, and knows how to evoke your best work. Whether you’re looking to up your game, get cast in more shows, or learn how to succeed in acting, I can’t think of anyone in I’d recommend more. I still have people approaching me to tell me how memorable my performance was in that show. I owe it to Hannah."

J.D Burke, Actor

“Having Hannah cast and coach the actors for our memoir showcase made all the difference in our production. She brought highly experienced, talented and professional actors onboard and tirelessly worked with them to bring each piece alive. The result was an audience that could not stop talking about the quality of the acting. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again."

Marni Freedman, Theatrical Producer and Co-Founder of the San Diego Writers Festival


a note from your coach

Although I graduated from a fancy school and have been well-reviewed and awarded for my acting, the most IMPORTANT thing you need to know about me is that I HAVE FAILED.

I have failed so many times – even while “succeeding” – not knowing how to capture with consistency the lightning in the bottle, the Truth. So, I ended up feeling like a fraud. And my ego kept me too embarrassed to admit it.

I had all the right techniques and training (or so I thought), but the thing I loved most, acting, became torture.

Technique without Truth is like doing calculus in front of a thousand people … naked. If you really concentrate you might get the correct answer, but you will be distracted and it won’t be much fun.

It took a lot of work; some of it unusual, much of it ego-bruising, all of it necessary. But the struggle to strip away what stood between me and the Truth has been so worth it.

Truth makes for great acting. When Truth is present we don’t see acting at all. We are transported. I know Truth and now have some solid, proven techniques that can be personalized for anyone eager to be a TRUTHFUL actor. I can’t wait to share them with you.


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For online or in-person coaching (travel stipend may apply)
$75 for a single 1hr. session
$195 for three (3) 1hr. sessions (paid in advance)
$330 for six (6) 1hr. sessions (paid in advance)
All potential clients receive a complimentary half-hour consultation.

other types of clients

I also coach attorneys, speakers, and other clients seeking to increase authenticity and confidence in their work.


“Hannah's gift for observation is outstanding. She is extremely intuitive and able to quickly make astute observations regarding a lawyer's unconscious bad habits that can be addressed and corrected … because of her humor, compassion, and willingness to model the corrective measures, her "on-point" instruction and advice was always welcomed and well-received.

As a direct result of Ms. Logan's coaching and instruction, I have seen a shrinking, apologetic
attorney find her voice and own the courtroom. I have also seen a large, full-voiced attorney learn to adjust and modulate his presentation for greater impact.”


          Kevin Butler, Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Alabama, 26 years

“I highly recommend the work of Ms. Logan ... she can help lawyers improve their ability to read body language and vocal cues, and impart the importance of being able to remain sensitive to human emotion, while also making the critical points that need to be made throughout a trial.”


          Lilys D. McCoy, Director of the Center for Solo Practitioners, San Diego

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